Carrey out of Stooges?

When the Farrelly Bros. were finally able to make a casting announcement on their long-gestating THREE STOOGES film, it was a pretty impressive (and shocking) announcement. Sean Penn, Benicio Del Toro and Jim Carrey were set to play Larry, Moe and Curly respectively. But then Penn decided to take some time off from acting to spend some time privately and things started getting shaky. The Boston Globe caught up with brother Peter Farrelly at a Paul McCartney concert at Fenway Park and learned that Penn isn't the only actor to abandon ship. He revealed that Carrey is no longer attached to play Curly despite the actor already beginning to gain the weight for the role. Before you think the project could be back on its way to development hell, Farrelly did reveal that Paul Giamatti has signed on to replace Penn as Larry.

There hasn't been much word on whether Del Toro is still attached to play Moe, but assuming he is, who would you cast as Curly to complete the casting? Jack Black? And are you glad Jim Carrey is no longer involved?

Extra Tidbit: I still think Tom Cruise would have made a fine Larry Fine.
Source: Boston Globe



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