Carrey Sobers up

Jim Carrey has signed on to star in and produce the upcoming Universal comedy SOBER BUDDIES. In the film, Carrey will play a "sober buddy" assigned to travel with an alcoholic executive to make sure he's under control during an important business trip. Trouble (and laughs) ensue when the sober buddy goes flying off the wagon himself. Carrey as a straight-laced guy who flies of the handle sounds funny but then why wasn't ME, MYSELF AND IRENE funnier? The project was hatched by writer Andrew Kurtzman who brought the project to Carrey and the two pitched the project to Universal. Carrey has four candidates for his next project and hasn't decided which project he'll film next. Among the possibilities, in addition to this film, are BELIEVE IT OR NOT!, I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS and ME TIME. Apparently Carrey will try to fit in two of these projects before next years possible strike.

Extra Tidbit: Kurtzman is also writing MR. PEABODY AND SHERMAN for DreamWorks.
Source: Variety



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