Carrey/Kidman film hits delay

After reporting yesterday that Tobey Maguire would co-star alongside Jim Carrey and Nicole Kidman in the untitled Gary Ross romantic-comedy, I got an anonymous e-mail from someone who claimed they were close to the production.  They sought to clarify some of the things I reported saying that Maguire would not be playing a doctor, but an "artsy film director" that Carrey is composing music for.  It was also stated that the part was "brief" but important.  Finally, they claimed that Brittany Murphy was in talks to play Carrey's new, young girlfriend that causes Kidman's ghost to come back from beyond to haunt them.  And then....

I read today that while things certainly seemed to be going well on the project, Universal has halted pre-production which was scheduled to begin in March.  The film was thought to be the studio's big Holiday 2002 release but apparently Kidman's schedule was too hectic and she couldn't fit in the film.  The project is not dead but simply delayed and it was reported that it would be "very possible" the production would gear up again this fall when Kidman was available. Carrey is now searching for a project to fill the void and there's no word on what writer/director Gary Ross will to do in the meanwhile.

(thanks to our anonymous scooper for the tips)

Source: Variety
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