Caruso talks Last Man

I'm going to try and write an article about Shia LaBeouf without mentioning how 'hot' he is right now. Shit, I just did it. I guess it's impossible. Well if the following story ends up panning out, he'll no doubt get a lot hotter, like Colin Farrell hot.

We all know that DJ Caruso has signed on to direct an adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan's successful and acclaimed comic series Y: THE LAST MAN. And since Caruso already directed LaBeouf in his breakout role in DISTURBIA, and is directing him again in the upcoming EAGLE EYE, it looks likely that Caruso will stick to his boy wonder for THE LAST MAN. Caruso recently spoke to MTV about this prospect:

“This is funny, but unbeknownst to me: Shia was already chasing this part prior to anything,” Caruso said. “I haven’t talked to him yet about it because he’s off shooting ‘Indiana Jones 4,’ but Shia is the right type and the right personality because you want to have the humor, but you also want to have the seriousness. So we’ll talk about it when we get there.”

He also had this to say about condensing a sprawling, multi-installment series (there are nearly 60 issues) into one film:

"sort of combining them into a beginning, middle and end," Caruso said. "The problem is that even in the first 12, there is so much great stuff, it's like, what do you leave out? There really isn't a ticking clock with Yorick, so what we basically did was give him a reason to get from Boston to California in a really short time."

Y: THE LAST MAN is about the Yorick and his monkey Ampersand, the only two survivors of an apparent plague that has wiped out all the men. All that's left are a bunch of women out to get their hands on Yorick for different reasons, while he heads to Australia to find his girlfriend Beth.

Extra Tidbit: The final issue of Y: THE LAST MAN is scheduled to be released early next year.
Source: MTV



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