Caruso's Dead Space

EA has tapped D.J. Caruso to helm the adaptation of their survival horror game, DEAD SPACE, for the big screen. Caruso is best known for DISTURBIA and EAGLE EYE, but lest we forget, he was also behind TAKING LIVES and TWO FOR THE MONEY.

Now that EA has a director, they’ll shop around for a writer and then start pitching the project to studios. DEAD SPACE was a fantastic game, and if done right, could make for an excellent horror film, though I have to admit I’d be more comfortable with someone like Gore Verbinski behind the wheel.

I’d say that this news would start a flurry of casting rumors, but the game only features a handful of actual characters, as most of the time you’re wandering around by your lonesome as Isaac, the game’s masked, mute protagonist. If he wanted to, Caruso could stick his favorite meal ticket muse Shia LaBeouf in the space armor, and no one would even know the difference.

DEAD SPACE is only one of many EA game adaptations coming to the big screen. Also on the docket they have DANTE'S INFERNO, ARMY OF TWO, MASS EFFECT and yes, THE SIMS, which are all making the jump from game to film. So if one misses, they’ve got four more shots ready to fire.

Extra Tidbit: Hell, you might as well cast me. I can walk around waving power tools while grunting.
Source: Variety



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