Cast talks Speed Racer

Wanna see what Christina Ricci looks like with her Trixie haircut? Wanna hear Emile Hirsch answer the insanely retarded question of whether he likes to drive fast like the fictional character he's playing? Wanna see Dr. Jack Shepard who somehow escaped off "Lost" island and is now working as an actor talk about Racer X? Sure you do! We have some video for you today from the SPEED RACER press conference in Germany where cast and crew convened to talk with the international press about the film. As you might expect, the Wachowskis did not show up (Susan Sarandon claims to have not even met them yet) but Joel Silver does his best job talking for them (as he often does). There is no real news in this clip, mostly talking heads, but it's interesting to see some video of the Mach 5 and how the cast is going to look in the film. Click here to watch the video from the conference and stay tuned to JoBlo.com for more from the set of SPEED RACER.

Extra Tidbit: No that's not Emile Hirsch as Speed. Relax.
Source: Reuters



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