Cast This: Black Cat

I've decided that we haven't done nearly enough hottie editions of Cast This yet (Betty and Veronica being our only ladies so far), so I think it’s time for another one, even if we’re only casting a rumor.

This week we heard from a little bird that Sam Raimi is supposedly considering going with Black Cat as one of the major players in the next SPIDER-MAN film. I can see this being true, as she’s not as over the top as some of the other villains he could use, and her Catwoman/Batman vibe with Spidey has always made for a good time in the comics. She’s sleek, she’s sexy, she’s the BLACK CAT.

I’m not going to pretend that we haven’t heard that Rachel McAdams is currently the frontrunner for the part, but I want to hear from you guys. Do you think she’d fill the catsuit well enough, or would you prefer to see a different actress don the white hair?

Felicia Hardy has a pretty rough back story in the comics, so whoever gets chosen should be able to act as well as simply squeeze their boobs into zippered leather. However, I can’t really see Raimi going with the whole date-rape-jail-break-mental-hospital plotline found in the comics, so she should make sure the character a bit fun as well, in keeping with the vibe of the first three films.


A week ago we took a look at who you thought we be best fit to fill out the open shirt of Khan in the next STAR TREK movie, if and when Abrams decides to make him the villain. The results were as follows:

1. Nestor Carbonell (14%) 2. Javier Barem (12%) 3. Antonio Banderas (9%)

You guys sure love your Lost alumni, first Kevin Durand as Lobo, now Nestor Carbonell as Khan? I think he definitely could look the part, but as of yet, I haven’t seen him give the sort of commanding performance Khan would need to give in the film.

I think Bardem and Banderas are great choices (where the hell has Banderas been recently?) and either would be pretty badass as Khan. I’m also all for the idea of casting a male lead from Bollywood, as Khan is actually supposed to be Indian, and it could be a great breakout vehicle for one of those actors to cross over into mainstream Hollywood. We don’t exactly have too many leading Indian men over here in the States. Aziz Ansari and Mohinder from "Heroes" do not count.

Alright, let’s hear those Black Cat suggestions. This is one photo montage I’m going to enjoy putting together next week.

Extra Tidbit: I'm all for Black Cat in the next Spidey flick, but I say keep Catwoman out of Batman. Or should I say keep Batman out of Catwoman? Hey-oh!
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