CAST THIS: Danger Girl

It seems like every week some new comic property is being turned into a film, but this latest announcement might actually be one to get excited about.

Producer Adrian Askarieh is bringing J. Scott Campbell and Andy Hartnell’s DANGER GIRL to life. For the uninitiated, DANGER GIRL is an action comedy series following around a team of hot chicks fighting evil in the vein of James Bond and Indiana Jones, and naturally, I think the Danger Girls are a prime target for an installment of Cast This!

So who do we have to cast? I think we should do the series’ main three chicks, making this the first triple feature Cast This ever.

Abbey Chase (right) – She’s a marksman, history scholar and all around hottie. She’s recruited by the Danger Girls during one of her heists and quickly becomes the lead figure in the group.

Syndey Savage (middle) – She’s an Australian with a skintight body suit that would make Catwoman jealous. She wields a whip, and is probably the most girly out of the group members, despite her ass-kicking.

Natalia Kassle (left) – A Russian with ties to the KGB, but she’s allegedly gone good to help the Danger Girls. An expert with throwing knives, she frequently spars with Abbey, both verbally and physically.

I suppose we could do Silicon Valerie too, but that’s just getting out of hand.

So we have a hot blonde, a hot (Australian) brunette, and a tall hot blonde. But in addition to being about the looks, there will need to be a lot of personality in the film, and the group will have to flow cohesively together, so keep that in mind with your suggestions.

Last Week: RED SONJA

Last time we were casting the voluptuous Red Sonja, and because of the nature of the part, I felt I had to expand the traditional results headshots to include other important parts of each choice’s anatomy.

1. Christina Hendricks (14%) 2. Diora Baird (11%) 3. Amanda Righetti (9%)

A while a go there was an internet campaign to cast Christina Hendricks as Barbarella, but I suppose Red Sonja is pretty damn close. The redhead proved she has action chops in Firefly, and her body further reinforces the fact that she’s probably the perfect choice.

That being said, Baird and Righetti are smokin’ in their own right, and either would be a welcome addition to the film as well. Close fourth Rachel Nichols wouldn’t be too shabby either.

Alright, so who are my Danger Girls?

Extra Tidbit: A DANGER GIRL movie needs to not take itself too seriously. Judging by Askarieh's ridiculous name-dropping description of the project, I don't think we're off to a good start.
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