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CAST THIS: Dr. Strange


And just when I thought we were running out of superheroes to cast, we throw one more into the mix. With the Avengers, JLA and X-Men rosters all filling up, with Supes, Batman and Spidey all spoken for, it gets harder and harder to think of just whoís left. But with any comic universe, there are always a whole host of characters who will now be forced into their own features.

The latest is Dr. Strange, who now has a pair of screenwriters assigned to his tale in the form of Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer. This is one of the first Marvel projects under the new Marvel/Disney merger, so it will be interesting to see what comes of it. But first, we need to find the good doctor.

This film has been in development for eons, but is finally coming to life as the well of superheroes runs dry. Itís unusual to have a hero to cast thatís this old, though I suppose heís probably around similar age to Tony Stark in fact.

Heís got the advantage of being a maskless hero, so whoever plays him will get a lot of face time without a doubt. He also has a very distinguished look about him, and his hair and goatee are trademarks that not all actors could pull off.

Who do you think could do it? I would try and think outside the box here, but I guess we should be realistic about A-listers who would actually want to play Dr. Strange in a feature film. But hey, the right paycheck can often solve all those problems.

Heís got to have a commanding presence and the right look, and I want to see who you guys think the perfect casting choice would be here.

LAST WEEK: Holden Caulfield

Most of you werenít too excited about the fact that THE CATCHER IN THE RYE may be turned into a film. This is either because A) you love the book and donít think it should be adapted or B) you hate the book and think itís overrated shit. Most of you fell into the latter category. But for those of you who did chime in, who did you think should play Holden?

1. Anton Yelchin (17%) 2. Paul Dano (11%) 3. Kieran Culkin (9%)

I can definitely see Yelchin in the part, as he plays angsty teen pretty well, most notably in Charlie Bartlett. Dano is a good pick to as the kid can act, but Iím worried his look is a bitÖoff.

Kieran Culkin? Really? If you say so, but I couldnít find any other pictures of him where he didnít look likeÖthis. But hey, who knows.

Alright, who should be Dr. Strange?†

Extra Tidbit: Whenever I think about Dr. Strange being brought to life, I just think of Dr. Orpheus from The Venture Bros.
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