CAST THIS: Expendables 2

Alright, now this is going to be fun. Usually here at Cast This, we pick one role the needs to be filled, but this time around, it's time to assemble a team.

THE EXPENDABLES is a bonafide hit, as it's won the last two box office weekends handily, and surely this will allow Stallone the freedom to make a sequel. And we all know how much the man likes sequels.

He's going to have to top the already absurd cast of the first movie with a batch of new heroes, and this will give him the chance to put in anyone the fans thought he missed the first time around. So who should be in THE EXPENDABLES 2?

There are dozens of action stars to choose from, and I have a few of my own in mind I would have like to have seen in the film. Maybe Stallone can heal wounds with Danny Trejo, (he was supposed to be in it, but claims he was burned after fundraising for the film), or maybe JCVD will wise up and actually agree to appear in the sequel. But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

This is fantasy casting at its finest, and I want to hear which stars YOU think should show up for this inevitable sequel. Obviously most of the core cast from this film will probably return, but I'm sure Stallone will extend the good guy team by a few, and clearly we need a whole new slew of baddies. Share your thoughts below, but first...


Alright, a few weeks ago (I've been on vacation), we tried to cast who would be the second lead in the big screen adaptation of THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, which already has Daniel Craig attached. In the interim, she actually WAS cast , but let's see who you picked.

1. Ellen Page (14%) 2. Carey Mulligan (12%) 3. Rooney Mara (10%)

Yup, you guys picked Rooney Mara, who actually ended up landing the part of fierce competition such as Page or Mulligan. It would have been cool to see those two good girls gone bad, but I'm curious to see what Mara has got as well. The character gets involved in some pretty messed up shit, and it's going to be a challenge for ANY actress to take on, hopefully Mara is up to the task.

Alright, who should be the cast of THE EXPENDABLES 2?

Extra Tidbit: That bad guy in the dress shirt who kicked a lot was CLEARLY supposed to be Van Damme.
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