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There have been a lot of casting and directing rumors swirling around the FANTASTIC FOUR reboot recently, so I figured I should jump on it before anything official gets announced.

James McTiegue, Joe Carnahan and David Yates are all being considered to helm the project, but no one is for sure yet, and there are some rumored casting options for Mr/Mrs. Fantastic (Adrien Brody/Alice Eve), but nothing too solid there either. But screw the talk, I want to hear who YOU want for the reboot.

I actually thought the original film was pretty well cast, except for Jessica Alba looking decades too young for Ioan Gruffudd, I appreciated him and Chris Evans and even Chiklis as Thing. It was the movie itself that was terrible, and I think the cast did the best they could with it.

It's unclear what the "tone" of this film is going to be, and if they want this to be the type of PG rated superhero movie the first two were (well the first was PG-13, but barely). I guess that would depend a lot of the director, and the way the studio wants to go with it.

Yes, this is a group casting session, so vote for all four members of the team. I know the Thing is going to be CGI, but he still needs a voice.


This was a lot of fun. We did a bit of fantasy casting to see who you thought Stallone should recruit for the Expendables sequel, and you certainly had a lot to say. Instead of the usual percentages, here are the most requested actors from the survey:

1. Jean-Claude Van Damme 2.The Rock 3. Kurt Russell 4. Steven Seagal 5. Sigourney Weaver 6. Chuck Norris 7. Milla Jovovich 8. Michael Biehn 9. Danny Trejo 10. Wesley Snipes 11. Lucy Lawless 12. Michael Jai White

Glad to see you guys thought there needed to be a few females in there, as I totally agree that Stallone needs a few fearsome ladies in the mix. I agree with almost everyone here, and I would only really add Tony Jaa to this list, but I think he's quit acting and is now a monk in the forests of Thailand now or something.

Alright, who should make up the new Fantastic Four?

Extra Tidbit: I'm getting Adrien Brody fatigue.
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