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This week it was announced that FAST AND FURIOUS director Justin Lin is remaking rebooting re-imagining HIGHLANDER, much to almost everyone's dismay. Even with the IRON MAN screenwriting duo on his back (Art Marcum and Matt Holoway), the project doesn't seem like that great of an idea.

But what can save it? Why, a great cast of course. And no one is more important to the film the the Highlander himself, Connor MacLeod, who in the 1986 original film (and in a few of the shitty sequels) was played by the iconic Christopher Lambert.

But now the man is 52, and we’re looking for a younger Connor to liven things up up. So what exactly is required of the part? We’d love someone who looks actually, you know, Scottish, with the fierce intensity of a 16th century warrior, but also someone who can adapt to other time periods and finally cleans up nicely for the modern era, as MacLeod will surely live through many different centuries in the film.

So what say you? I have a strong feeling about who the majority vote is going to crown this week, but I won’t say anything and I’ll let you guys tell me. And speaking of tell me, what happened with the voting for last week’s Cast This?


A week ago we took a look at who should get the title role in the Danny Boyle/Alex Garland reboot of JUDGE DREDD. There was a wide range of picks, with a clear winner, but a three-way tie beneath him.

1. Jason Statham (16%) 2. (tie) Ray Stevenson (10%) Ron Perlman (10%) Gerard Butler (10%)

The favorite here was Statham, and it was mostly due to his “epic jawline.” But the man knows action and I do believe he’d be a great pick for the role. I could go for Stevenson and Butler as well, but Perlman? I know you guys love him, but I think he’s too old for this, despite how badass his chin is.

Alright, now the challenge is before you, who can take up the sword and kilt of Connor MacLeod and save this remake from mediocrity?

Extra Tidbit: I won't tell you my pick, but it rhymes with "Rhombus Pain."
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