Cast This: Highlander

The role of Connor MacLeod/Russell Nash is open? F*ck yes! Let's cast for HIGHLANDER!

After only holding on to the role for roughly a year Ryan Reynolds is out as MacLeod. Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo left last year, and Reynolds continued to hang on. Was he just a big fan? I guess without a new director on and lack of movement, Reynolds decided to exit the project. This most likely made fans of the original flick quite happy since many of them didn't care for the casting choice. Reynolds is cool, but for HIGHLANDER?

Now any director that was possibly eyeing this project can get someone of their own choosing in the hot seat. Were you thinking Thomas Jane? I bet you were. They do look alike, and Jane certainly could make this, I think, just as memorable as Christopher Lambert. He was f*cking terrific. Like most cult and films of our nostalgic pasts, this is one that was destined to be rebooted. When I initially saw the first one, I think I was drunk and thought, "WTF is going on?! Is that Mister Krabs???" (I know it's Clancy Brown, but I don't always call him that. I love him.) I was also laughing a lot. Later I watched it with a clearer mind and enjoyed the hell out of it. There are so many cheesy, yet great lines tossed between Lambert and the other actors especially Sean Connery. WAIT...does this mean we have to replace Connery too? My thoughts in beautiful gif form below:

Maybe Liam Neeson would be a good Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez? But that's not who were casting here. As I said, I really enjoyed HIGHLANDER so I hope that they do right by it. It's not an award winning film by any means regardless it's still frakking amazing.THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE! Actually, I narrow it down to three, but let's face it I couldn't complete this column without saying it at least once. Get to casting!


1. Scott Adkins 2. Karl Urban 3. Jason Statham

There was certainly a lot of love for Scott Adkins for this particular role. Sadly, I did not think of him and went straight to more "well known" action stars so to speak. When I saw the first comment mentioning him, I was like, "YES!" Urban is an all around cool guy who I think could fit the bill. Then there's Statham who is kind of like the Van Damme of his time. There's an action role? Let's throw Statham at it. He's awesome. Why not? That's not sarcasm. I'm being sincere. Adkins FTW here. Oh, and nice throwing Nathan Fillion in there now because it's a thing. I caught those winky smiley faces, you sly dogs.

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