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CAST THIS: Holden Caulfield


I'm looking forward to this column, which has me casting the leads in one of my favorite books of all time, even if that is a massive clichť. This week, we heard that it is possible that FINALLY the film rights of THE CATCHER IN THE RYE might be sold, as the Salinger estate is strapped for cash after his death.

Salinger always said he NEVER wanted to see his classic turned into a movie, but he ALSO said that if he died, that the film rights to the book could act as a life insurance policy for his family. This might be the closest we get to a film adaptation for a while, so I figured Iíd jump on the news. In that spirit, we need a HOLDEN CAULFIELD.

Itís interesting, because we obviously donít have a physical picture of Holden other than a few artistsí renderings (as seen above), and only a loose physical description for the book. Therefore, this casting call is less about looks and much more about youth and acting ability.

The film version of CATCHER is called the Holy Grail of screenplays, when it does come to pass, so it would be a HUGE responsibility for a young actor to take on. There arenít many who would be ready for such a part, but Iím curious to hear who you think would be able to live up to the filmís high expectations.


Whew, I should have known the response for this one would be huge, but almost 250 comments blows Captain Americaís previous record out of the water (at 150). So who did you guys pick? There were a TON of options thrown out, but three stood out above the rest:

1. Michael C. Hall (18%) 2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (13%) 3. Guy Pearce (8%)

I donít know guys, I just donít see Michael C. Hall being right for this role. Heís only been in a handful of films period, and his last turn as an eccentric bad guy in GAMER didnít go so well if you ask me. Gordon-Levitt seems like a pretty obvious choice, but other than the fact that yes, heís a good actor, and has worked with Nolan, I donít see him being the Riddler. Maybe Robin? Ha ha ha. Kidding. Kind of.

I really like Pearce for this though. It would be great to see him reteam with Nolan, and heís got the looks and the smarts to pull off the Riddler without question. I can see the green suit on him already.

OK, who should play Holden Caulfield?

Extra Tidbit: I also liked fourth place, David Tennant, for the part.
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