CAST THIS: I Dream of Jeannie

This is one Cast This column I never imagined would manifest itself, but I forgot about Hollywood's propensity to take absolutely everything that’s ever existed, film, TV, book, game, cereal box or otherwise and turn it into a feature film.

And yes, I DREAM OF JEANNIE is getting its own movie, as was announced last week. Well, technically, it’s been announced since 2004, but the film has been languishing in development hell, and only recently is Sony blowing up everything that came before and starting with a brand new script. And now naturally, we need a JEANNIE.

I remember watching Barbara Eden on Nick at Nite when I was younger, and having her elicit strange feelings in my pants I didn’t quite understand. Now we need someone to do that for a whole new generation of pre-teens, and casting this should be fun.

Someone blonde and funny doesn’t exactly narrow it down, though a few names jump to mind almost immediately. To be fair, I would rely more on Jeannie’s sexiness here than humor, as I have to imagine this is going to be at LEAST PG-13, and I bet most of the comic relief will come from whoever ends up in the Larry Hagman role. I can see Jim Carrey there already.

So pick someone blonde and fun and in possession of a killer midriff. Now, I really want to see some costume concept art…


A week ago we heard that Nic Cage is probably too busy to come back for a GHOST RIDER sequel, but the film still must get made before the rights were lost. Who can fill his leather chaps?

1. Karl Urban (14%) 2. Charlie Hunnam (10%) 3. Jensen Ackles (8%)

Some good picks there. I love Karl Urban, and think he needs some more starring roles instead of always playing sidekick. We also know Charlie Hunnam knows how to ride a bike properly as seen in Sons of Anarchy, but I’m worried he might seem a bit too young for the part.

I don’t understand you guys and Jensen Ackles. He's OK, but man, does his name come up a lot in these things.

Alright, shout out your Jeannie suggestions.

Extra Tidbit: Would you rather: Jeannie or Sam from Bewitched.
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