CAST THIS: Jason Bourne

So I have to admit, this is one Cast This I never really envisioned writing. But with news from Matt Damon himself this week that we were probably getting a BOURNE prequel with a new actor, I figured I’d jump on the opportunity here. I never thought that Bourne franchise would turn into a Bond-like series of films with different actors jumping in and out in the titular role, but here we are.

He’s the most brutal secret agent this side of the CIA, he didn’t remember who he was, but figured it out by killing people with pens and books. He’s a one man wrecking crew known as JASON BOURNE. Well, most of the time.

It’s not exactly clear how far back this Bourne prequel will go. I assume that it’s not a SPIDEY high school reboot, where Captain Jason Bourne of the South Bend High football team goes around sabotaging rival schools' chemistry labs and beating up bullies, but who knows.

Rather, I think it will instead be about Bourne when he was first starting out in intelligence, and a chronicle of his body of work leading to his candidacy for the super-hardcore-special-ops program. Blackbear? Blackberry? Blackbriar? Something like that.

So who are we looking for? I don’t think we need an exactly look-a-like match to Damon, but someone who’s able to emulate Bourne’s cool-under-fire demeanor and of course, he needs to have the ability to kick a whole lot of ass using improvised weapons made of household objects. Bourne was never particularly charming if you ask me, which is his main schism from Bond, so I wouldn’t worry about casting a pretty boy ladies man in the role. Just someone tough and all business.


Speaking of tough and all business, last week we were looking at viable options as to who should play Commander Shepard in the inevitable MASS EFFECT movie. Your thoughts were pretty conclusive.

1. Matthew Fox (33%) 2. Sam Worthington (15%) 3. Sam Witwer (12%)

Yeah, I totally agree with all of you, and not just because Fox has experience playing a leader named “Shepard.” I think Fox is being held back by his Lost character who is perpetually whiny and guilt stricken. I would love to see him take on a badass role like Commander Shepard so we can really see what he’s got.

Worthington has done the grizzled space marine thing once (well, pretty much twice) already, and I could see him fitting in here for sure. I would look for someone with a liiittle bit more of a personality though, something I haven’t seen in his roles thus far. I also like the choice of Battlestar Galactica’s Sam Witwer, as this could be a breakout part for him.

Alright, let’s hear those Bourne ideas!

Extra Tidbit: I wasn't a fan of the BOURNE trilogy until I got to watch them on DVD close together. Things make a lot more sense that way.
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