CAST THIS: Leonardo Da Vinci

Now that the Avengers and JLA teams are finally starting to fill out, I’m running a bit low on superheroes to cast in this column. So until we hear some concrete news about the Riddler in THE DARK KNIGHT RELOADED or a Wonder Woman film, I’m going to be turning to different sources for casting material.

This column comes from an article that ran a week or two ago that details a new film that paints a famous painter as an action hero, fighting demons and solving mysteries. But which great master’s life are we going to be fictionalizing? Why LEONARDO DA VINCI’s of course.

Yes, that’s a picture of Da Vinci from Assassin’s Creed 2 where he builds you weapons like laser sighted pistols hundreds of years before their time. I figured I should show him younger, and not as the old man we usually think of him as.

Sure, Da Vinci has already been the focal point of a certain amount of biblical mystery thanks to a certain poorly written book about a “code,” but this adventure has him actually doing the treasure hunting and holy fighting himself, and as wacky as it sounds, I feel like it could actually be a pretty cool movie.

Obviously, there’s not really a looks basis to go off of here for casting, so I guess it’s just who you think could make a cool lead in a period piece action film a-la-SHERLOCK HOLMES. I bet it would be someone on the younger side, rather than RDJ-age, but I suppose anyone under forty could work.


Well technically this was two weeks ago, but since I was unconscious at a Vegas bachelor party last week at this time, we didn’t have a column up. But a week before that, we were casting J. Edgar Hoover in Clint Eastwood’s upcoming biopic. The results?

1. Michael Shannon (16%) 1. Billy Crudup (16%) 2. Jackie Earl Haley (10%)

A tie for first with REVOLUTIONARY ROAD’s Michael Shannon and Billy Crudup, who already played Hoover in PUBLIC ENEMIES. I guess you guys don’t like change.

I think this could be great role for Shannon though, who needs more work as a lead. Haley is also an interesting choice, and if you look at pictures of young Hoover, he really does look the part.

Alright, give me some of that Da Vinci!

Extra Tidbit: I fully except a CAST THIS: Mona Lisa once more details emerge about this project.
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