CAST THIS: Lisbeth Salander (aka the girl from the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo)

Sadly, as my various internet jobs including this one require me to constantly be watching movies, TV shows or playing video games (I just took a Starcraft 2 break midway through writing this sentence), I don’t get to read books as often as I like. But one series I’m told I really should try out is the GIRL WITH A DRAGON TATTOO series. More so now than ever as it’s being turned into a film trilogy with David Fincher and, as of yesterday, Daniel Craig.

But there’s one important pieces of the puzzle still missing, the punk-ish, tattoed computer hacker that aids Craig’s character in his quest to find a missing girl, LISBETH SALANDER.

I’ve done a bit of research as to the plot of these books, and I’m presuming that this is the “Dragon Tattoo” girl mentioned in the title, but I’m still not positive after fifteen pages of Wikipedia. In any case, from what I’ve read, she’s a pretty f*cked up character who both undergoes and executes some pretty disturbing things over the course of the series, which I won’t ruin here for the sake of the plot, but trust me, this girl is disturbed to say the least.

Naturally, because of the high profile of the series and those attached to the film, the Salander role is one of the most sought after in town by various actresses around Hollywood. In the original Swedish film adaptation of the (also Swedish) book, the part was filled by Noomi Rapace who you can see above. Not saying that that new girl has to look exactly the same way, but I think “edgy” is a word we should be aiming for when casting.

So which starlet in Hollywood do you think should let her dark side loose? Could we take someone already on the edge like Evan Rachel Wood? Or maybe see what the usually innocent Ellen Page is capable of? I’m not sure, but that’s what we’re here today to find out.


We got tired of waiting for news that didn’t come about Chris and Jonathan Nolan’s SUPERMAN reboot, and we got nothing at SDCC, so it’s time to reveal the results of our own casting call.

1. Brandon Routh (24%) 2. Jon Hamm (18%) 3. Henry Cavill (4%)

Well it’s clear we had two big frontrunners in the end, and I have to say I was rather surprised to see such a groundswell of support for Routh. I thought he was perfectly good in SUPERMAN RETURNS, and the reason that film was lackluster was generally for other reasons than him, but I’m not so sure I see him coming back in a Nolan film.

Rather, I’m fully on board with the Hamm train, as I’m tired of Superman being this young twenty something. Why can’t he be forty? I feel like Hamm would better fit in with whatever the Nolan’s come up with, as they’re known for being nontraditional and I kind of doubt we’re going to see an origin story, as by this point everyone knows where Superman came from. But that being said, I also think Hamm is a pretty obvious choice, and obvious isn’t something the Nolans usually go for when casting their films.

Henry Cavill could be a good stand-in for Routh if he doesn’t return, but I put him up instead of Tom Welling who had a similar number of votes because someone clearly put last week’s column on some Smallville fan forum, and every post that didn’t mention Tom Welling had at least a negative 20 comment score, and everyone that did was plus 20. I know after 10 years you want to just see him put on the suit already, but this is not a Smallville big screen adaptation. I’m sorry your show can’t get it’s shit together, but Welling has had his chance.

OK, who should be Lisbeth Salander?

Extra Tidbit: Why do we keep remaking Swedish movies that came out under two years ago?
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