CAST THIS: Lois Lane

Alright, so the big news of the week has to do with BATMAN 3, now THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, but I can't exactly do a CAST THIS: Not the Riddler column now can I? Because of that, we're switching to Nolan's other DC universe, and his upcoming SUPERMAN reboot with Zack Snyder.

We did a column a while back for the Man in Steel himself (you guys mainly wanted Routh back, with Jon Hamm next in line), but there are more parts in that movie than the lead. Specifically, we know that Lois Lane will undoubtedly return, and it will be an important part to play.

We've seen a number of Lois iterations over the years. In Christopher Reeves days, it was Margot Kidder, in the recent film it was Kate Bosworth (which I didn't get), and Teri Hatcher on Lois and Clark. In Smallville it's the lovely Erica Durance who makes me forget Kristen Kreuk ever left that show.

But now who will it be? The only name put forth so far has been Natalie Portman, but let's be honest, if there's a female role under thirty to be cast, chances are Natalie Portman's name comes up. She's the female James Franco these days.

So who do you think should play the part? An actress we already know, or a newcomer who maybe needs a big break?

Last Week: PINHEAD

A week ago we were talking about the proposed HELLRAISER reboot which may or may not feature a new lead villain in Pinhead. Who did you pick?

1. Toby Jones (20%) 2. Hugo Weaving (14%) 3. Jason Isaacs (10%)

All good choices in my estimation, and I must admit, I never thought I'd see Toby Jones win a Cast This column, but hey, anything's possible. I think my personal pick would be Isaacs for his eloquence and intimidating demeanor however. Alright so how about Lois Lane?

Extra Tidbit: I wonder if Lex Luthor will be in the reboot?
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