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CAST THIS: Red Skull


At long last, we're finally getting some info out of the CAPTAIN AMERICA movie, which is realizing itís got to get its shit together if it wants to come out anywhere near THOR. This week, weíve heard that much of it WILL be taking place in WWII, The Invaders will be making an appearance but most importantly, the RED SKULL is going to be the villain in the film.

Everyoneís pretty excited about this prospect, and so now the obvious question is, who can play the Nazi bastard? There are many, many iterations of the Red Skull throughout Marvelís history, but a few facts remain the same.

He has no powers, outside of his ability to make children cry by looking at them, but heís a military genius, political mastermind and all around a very talented and evil dude. Obviously, weíre not try to cast based on looks here, and rather I would think that weíre more going to personality as anyone can strap on a rubber (CGI?) skull mask and look the part.

I have a sneaking suspicion of whose going to win the poll this week, but Iím curious to see who you guys pick besides the frontrunner Iím thinking of already. Maybe heíll be busy after winning his Best Supporting Actor Oscar! Oh, did that just give it away?


So a week ago, Matt Damon dropped the bomb that there was probably going to be a BOURNE prequel without him in it, before he would reprise the role himself in anything like a BOURNE 4. I thought casting the new Bourne would be a good idea. Annnnnd how did that turn out?

1. Matt Damon (58%) 2. Matt Damon (29%) 3. Matt Damon (13%)

Yup. I get it guys, I get it. And I actually agree, but donít be surprised when Taylor Lautner shows up and starts killing people with pens.

Now, Red Skull!

Extra Tidbit: Man, anyone remember the old CAPTAIN AMERICA movie? Or did you just black that out entirely?
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