CAST THIS: Snake Plissken

Ah man, I never look forward to recasting an iconic movie role, especially this one, but I go where the winds of news take me, and this week, we heard word from Allan Loeb about a reboot of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK with the hope of possibly turning it into a franchise.

And with a reboot comes talk of recasting the hero, and in this case of course, that’s the iconic muscular, motorcycle-riding, eye-patch wearing badass, SNAKE PLISSKEN.

Now yes, Loeb says that it’s POSSIBLE Kurt Russell could return to the role, but the man is 58, so if we’re being realistic, it’s kind of a longshot (though he did kick a lot of ass in DEATH PROOF). Now, you guys are of course welcome to spend your comments here, bemoaning the fact that this is being remade, and the Russell is the only Snake that will ever wear the eyepatch. And while I agree with you, I am also curious as to who, if anyone could take on the role if this reboot really is happening without Russell.

This could obviously be a breakout role for whoever’s cast, so think of some of your less-used actors who you think need a bigger break. They need to ooze badassery out of every pore, and be able to slip into Snake’s iconic boots while losing nothing that made the original character awesome.

It’s a tough role to cast, as true action stars in this generation are often hard to come by, but I bet there’s someone out there that could do it, and I’m wondering who you think that might be.

Last Week: RED SKULL

A week ago we heard the announcement that the Red Skull would in fact be the villain in the new CAPTAIN AMERICA movie, so we set to casting the Nazi mastermind. The results:

1. Christoph Waltz (17%) 2. Mads Mikelsen (13%) 3. Ralph Fiennes (8%)

Bra-vo. All excellent choices if you ask me. Christoph Waltz would seem to be the obvious choice, riding high off his recent (probably) award-winning turn as Col. Hans Landa. Though to be fair, he might want to skip this one to avoid being typecast as a Nazi sadist.

Mads is always terrifying, and this would be a great return to the limelight for him. Voldemort himself, Ralph Fiennes, is also a great choice, as the man has played a villain (and a Nazi) exceptionally well time and time again. Any of these choices would greatly add to anyone’s excitement of the film, and I would think actual casting announcements would be forthcoming fairly soon.

OK, let's hear your thoughts on Snake!

Extra Tidbit: I've always wanted to go as Snake for Halloween, but I never have the patience to grow my hair out.
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