CAST THIS: The Flash

After a drought of potential Cast This candidates for a few weeks or so, we're finally back with some news about a fairly major role that could soon need casting. Last week, we got word that Greg Berlanti is in talks to direct DC’s THE FLASH as they try to reassemble their JLA squad and restart that long lost project with a series of films leading up to it.

He’s got a quick wit and quicker feet, which make him the fastest man alive. He might be overlooked in favor of more overpowered heroes, but someone thinks he needs his own movie, he’s THE FLASH.

This is an interesting casting call to me, because I would have thought that the obvious choice to play THE FLASH would be Ryan Reynolds, as he’s got both the build and personality for it. But as we all know, Reynolds was chosen to play fellow JLA-er Green Lantern instead, eliminating him from the running altogether. Though, I would totally watch a JLA movie with Ryan Reynolds playing every part, including Wonder Woman. Especially Wonder Woman. Uhhh, moving on…

A long time ago, Adam Brody was cast as The Flash in the now-defunct JLA movie, and even had a costume fitting done and everything. But that was a long time ago, and was he ever really the right man for the job in the first place?

We clearly need someone funny, as I think a FLASH movie has to be more personality driven than anything else. Super speed is great, but I think the focus has to be more on the character and less on the powers. If that’s the case, who do you think should suit up in the red and gold?

Last Week: LION-O

There wasn’t a whole lot going on last week, so we decided to cast a movie that might not even see the light of day when all is said and done, THE THUNDERCATS. And the lead role of Lion-O should go to?

1. Jeremy Renner (15%) 2. Cam Gigandet (10%) 3. Ryan Gosling (7%)

There wasn’t exactly a ton of consensus in this poll, but I wasn’t really expecting much. I think all three definitely could look the part, though all would need to double their weight in muscle. It’s interesting that this is the first time Gigandet and Gosling have made it to the Cast This finals. I’m not sure why, but I’m a big Gigandet fan ever since his psychopathic days on The OC, and I want him to land some sort of major role soon.

Alright, now give me some Flash names!

Extra Tidbit: I wonder how many premature ejaculation jokes will make their way into this movie.
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