CAST THIS: The Three Stooges

A year ago, this movie seemed to be on track. Directed by the Farrelly brothers, the Three Stooges film was going to star Jim Carrey as Curly, Sean Penn as Moe and Benecio Del Toro as Larry.

But 2009 seems miles away now. Carrey left because of health reasons, as he couldn't safely gain weight to play Curly, Penn left due to MGM's financial problems, and Benecio? I guess just because it seemed to be the cool thing to do.

But the Farrelly's (even though they left themselves at one point) are now fully on board despite not having a cast, and so we need some STOOGES.

These are three tough roles to cast, as each character is a comedy icon, and the group has to work together as a trope and have a good dynamic going on.

Carrey seemed like an obvious choice, with Del Toro and Penn less so, but Hollywood is a big place, and I imagine we could find a decent cast if we put our heads together. The look helps, but can be crafted if necessary I imagine. Just keep Jack Black nowhere near this, OK?


We learned a week ago that a Buffy reboot was coming whether we wanted it or not, and so it needs a hero to take up the stake once again. Who did you pick?

1. Sarah Michelle Gellar (95%) 2. Hayden Panettiere (3%) 3. Amber Heard (2%)

Yeah, that's an approximation, but that's pretty much what it broke down to. I told you not to pick SMG again, as it wasn't a terribly realistic option without Whedon, but I should have known you'd do it anyway, and there were barely enough alternative options to list.

I could see Hayden or Heard doing it, but anyone besides Gellar is going to cause huge fan backlash, and really at this point fans are the only people who would be stepping up to see a Buffy movie anyway, right?

Alright, give me some Stooges!

Extra Tidbit: Nyuk nyuk nyuk!
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