Cast This: Venom

Another day, another "Cast This" Venom edition!

This is our third time around with the dark side of the symbiote. There's been conversation after conversation about bringing Venom to the big screen. We finally got him in SPIDER-MAN 3 but it wasn't exactly what we were looking for. While Topher Grace was good at playing a total dick, fans were still hungry for a better portrayal.

In the past you guys suggest that guys like Tom Hardy and Jon Bernthal could fit the character perfectly. Many of you voted on WWE's Brock Lesnar because he was physically perfect for the role, however, there's that little thing called acting that factors into all this. At first I too thought that pshyicality would be a pretty important aspect until I saw Joe Lynch and Adi Shankar's venom short, TRUTH IN JOURNALISM. In it, Ryan Kwanten plays the role of Eddie Brock but the reveal is much more subtle than you might think. This idea proved to be a rather successful surprise. Kwanten certainly isn't Brock Lesnar but there's ways to work around that as the short proved.

So here's my take on all this: Find a guy with the Eddie Brock persona and of course a similar face to go along with that. If the actor fits that criteria and knocks it out of the park then move on to the Venom aspect. There is the mo-cap option (e.g. Mark Ruffalo/Hulk). If Venom is getting his own solo movie and will eventually make his way into other superhero flicks, then they will most likely go that route rather than the one taken in the TRUTH IN JOURNALISM short.

That said, cast away!


1. Jaimie Alexander 2. Gina Carano 3. Bridget Regan

Regardless of the choices at the end of the day FAST AND FURIOUS star Gal Gadot won the role of Wonder Woman. I'm not going to get into the body issues raised by several fans, but instead wish her the best of luck. I think all the choices that you schmoes came up with are great. I think that Bridget Regan (LEGEND OF THE SEEKER, WHITE COLLAR) should actually be in second. Will be interesting to finally see WW on the big screen.

Extra Tidbit: I love the character of Venom, and am fascinated by the symbiote's journey (Toxin, Anti-Venom, Hybrid, Scream) but when can I get my Carnage movie?
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