Castlevania update

A live-action version of the popular vampire-battling action videogame series CASTLEVANIA has been in the works since before the days of Xbox 360 and PS3 (so long ago!), most recently with STOMP THE YARD's Sylvain White attached to direct.

What's the current status? What will it be about? The project's writer-producer (and the internet's favorite bullseye filmmaker) Paul WS Anderson talked with our Belial-twin Arrow in the Head about what we'll eventually see: "It is an intellectual property that's been around for such a long time and there are so many games, so many different story strands," Anderson says. "But by far the most popular story strand seems to be the battle of the Belmont clan with Dracula through the ages. So that will be what the movie focuses on, it will be the Belmont clan and Dracula all contained within the confines of this kind of, killer, gothic environment that contains all the creatures, tricks and traps that you'd associate with Castlevania."

Anderson also talks about the game's famous whip, the potential Actors strike speedbumping the project, the possibility of EVENT HORIZON 2, and more, which you can check out RIGHT HERE at AITH.

Extra Tidbit: Anderson isn't done with videogames -- he still has a SPY HUNTER movie and another RESIDENT EVIL sequel on the way.
Source: AITH



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