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Castlevania update!


Right now, you might be thinking, "Yeah right, CASTLEVANIA is never going to come out." Okay, maybe you're right, but at least their still talking about it, well Paul W.S. Anderson is anyway.

A lot of bumps in the road have hindered the process of the movie. First with the unfortunate writers strike, then Rogue pictures was sold to Relativity Media. The film also picked up a new director, James Wan (SAW, DEAD SILENCE), and a rewrite for the script as well.

Even though the whole thing seemed like a pain in the ass, Anderson is still involved. Currently he is the producer, and Wan seemed to be just tweaking the original script he had a part in, "James is doing a pass on the script to put himself into it with the tricks and the traps, which he is really good at. One of the things with ‘Castlevania’ is it’s not just about the creatures but the environment trying to get to you as well. I think he is a terrific choice because a key part of ‘Castlevania’ is the intensity of being trapped within the confines of the castle, and he’s shown with ‘Saw’ that he excels with intensity in confined spaces.”

Okay, well, what about the issue of Simon Belmont and the whip, is that still in? Sounds like it, “There’ll be the whip and there’ll be creatures." I would hope so. It would just seem wrong if the whip wasn't at least one of his weapons.

So perhaps CASTLEVANIA will see the light of day, but until we get more news on it, I'm just as skeptical as everyone else.

Extra Tidbit: The trailer shown at E3 for the new CASTLEVANIA game "Lords of Shadow" makes me want to play it now.
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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