Catacombs off to VOD

Back when the original SAW became a huge hit, Lionsgate signed a deal with Twisted Pictures for another thriller titled CATACOMBS. It starred Pink and Shannyn Sossamon and was about some silliness at a rave in Paris and dead people in the catacombs and so on and so forth. It was filmed in early 2005 and has sat on the shelves of Lionsgate ever since. It got itself a trailer in front of SAW 3 but still never got itself any closer to a release date. So now we finally have some closer for those of you outside Italy (the only place it's been released so far) who actually want to see it. Lionsgate will premiere the film on Fearnet, the cable video-on-demand movie service. The film will be the first original movie to be shown on Fearnet. Currently the VOD service is showing KRULL, STARMAN and a couple GODZILLA movies. CATACOMBS will premiere on Fearnet on October 1st and will be available for download on your computer by Halloween. Lionsgate will then release it on DVD in 2008. This week Fearnet will debut the short film "30 Days of Night: Blood Trails," which is a companion to the upcoming Josh Hartnett feature Sony is releasing in October.

Extra Tidbit: Pink's acting debut was in the atrocious action flick ROLLERBALL.
Source: Variety



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