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Cate Blanchett plays 13 different characters in the trailer for Manifesto


Written and directed by Julian Rosefeldt, MANIFESTO features Cate Blanchett playing a variety of characters whose dialogue is taken directly from famous art-world manifestos. Drawing upon the musings of artists, architects, dancers and filmmakers, Blanchett performs the 13 manifestos as a series of monologues, and you can get a taste of them in the trailer below!

Now this is as "artsy" as they come! I've never been one for films like SLACKER or WAKING LIFE, that seem to just feature characters rambling about their views on life, so right off the bat, I can tell you that this one is not for me. Still, Cate Blanchett is a phenomenal actress so if there's any reason to see MANIFESTO, it's her. Maybe if we're lucky, our own Chris Bumbray will review it at Sundance next week and save us the trouble!

MANIFESTO hits the Sundance Film Festival on January 23rd.

Source: Schiago Film



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