Cenobites for teens: a PG-13 Hellraiser remake?

Your suffering will be legendary... but still commercially palatable?

According to Bloody-Disgusting, Dimension's planned relaunch of Clive Barker's flesh-ripping classic HELLRAISER is aiming at the TWILIGHT crowd by making it "fitted for teens" (implying a PG-13 rating?).

B-D also claims that in addition to this attractive, theoretically toned-down Lament Configuration, director Christian E. Christiansen (of the upcoming PG-13 horror movie THE ROOMMATE) is the latest name associated with the Weinsteins' project. Pascal Laugier (MARTYRS) was previously attached to bring Pinhead and his leather-loving gang into the mortal realm for some delicious pain.

Delectably leggy young horror starlet Amber Heard (below) is reportedly being pursued as the latest owner of infamous puzzle box.

This HELLRAISER is completely unrelated to Dimension's upcoming straight-to-vid cheapie, which (along with another CHILDREN OF THE CORN) they're rapidly tossing together in order to retain the rights to the property.

Elsewhere, Clive Barker weeps. Blood, of course.

Extra Tidbit: I always wanted to dress as Skinless Frank for Halloween, but it seemed like a level of commitment I wasn't prepared to make.



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