Cera fired from Knocked Up?

I really have no idea whether or not this is true, but it's pretty interesting either way. Apparently, the following clip is of Michael Cera (ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT) in the Seth Rogen role before he was fired. The story goes that Cera was the first choice to play the male lead in KNOCKED UP, before he was canned in favour of Rogen, when the following happened:

The clip is weird because it's not so incredibly believable like the infamous David O. Russell clip is, but equally, it's not clearly bullshit either. My first impression would be that the story is a fabrication and was staged to generate a little more buzz. If the video is real, then thank god Cera went nuts, because Rogen takes a dump all over this performance. And I'm not even just saying that because it's Seth Rogen week here at JoBlo.com. It also means that Rogen ad-libbed that "F*ck off! response to Heigl's "I'm pregnant" line, which is genius!
Extra Tidbit: Rogen was a writer on DA ALI G SHOW.
Source: The Movie Blog



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