Cera & Ghostbusters

Michael Cera is getting all fanboy for GHOSTBUSTERS 3.

While working on the film YEAR ONE, he fulfilled a fantasy by getting to work with Harold Ramis. Cera grilled Egon about the upcoming sequel wondering who among the originals would be returning, as well as the new generation of Ghostbusters.

When talking with People magazine, Cera talked about his experience, "(I loved) Ghostbusters. As a kid, I wanted to be Bill Murray's character. Harold told me lots of stories and I memorized every word." Awwww. Little boy awkward wants to suit up and take on some big bad ghosties.

We don't have a lot of information on the third installment, except for what Sigourney Weaver gushed a few weeks ago. Would Cera be a good fit as the grown up Ghostbusting Oscar? Who knows at this point, but I wouldn't count him completely out of the picture. What I'm still trying to wrap my head around is the Bill Murray ghost thing. It's certainly not a terrible idea. As long as Murray is involved, I don't care what he does.

Extra Tidbit: I feel like Ernie Hudson gets left out a lot. Makes me sad.
Source: WENN



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