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Cera Succumbs to AD?


Many die hard "Arrested Development" fans have long been incensed that George Michael, aka Michael Cera has apparently been reluctant to take part in the proposed film version of the beloved television cult classic. For those of you that want to murder the charming little nerd, put your knives and nail guns away. Word is that Cera has finally agreed to hop on board with his fellow former castmates.

Keep in mind that this is all still in rumour mode, but nameless sources have told E! Onlineís Watch With Kristin that Cera is like, totally in. Couple that with this quote from the show's executive producer/narrator Ron Howard pulled from last week's Oscar red carpet, and it looks like we have ourselves an "Arrested Development" film in...development.

Itís looking very much like weíre going to make [the movie], but weíve now been asked to stop offering any details. Itís cloaked in a little mystery, but itís looking good.

I just ejaculated.

Extra Tidbit: When did Michael Cera become too cool for school?
Source: eonline



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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