Chan in Shaolin

What's this? Jackie Chan actually listened to the cries of millions of his fans bemoaning him for doing crap like this? It's a miracle!

Chan is now set to star in a remake of the 1982 film THE SHAOLIN TEMPLE, which you may recall starred his frienemy, Jet Li, over twenty years ago. The coolest part about the proposed movie is that like the original, it will actually be shot in a 1,500 year old Shaolin temple and will feature 1,000 real life fighting monks.

Whatever the plot, it’s just nice to see Chan returning to his true martial arts roots. With ridiculousness like THE SPY NEXT DOOR it’s easy to think that the man might be over the hill, as the Tony Jaas of the world swoop in and take his place, but it turns out he’s still got some fight left in him after all.

The film is being helmed by NEW POLICE STORY’s Benny Chan on a $29M budget. Not bad considering they actually have to burn down an entire temple in the film. Look for SHAOLIN TEMPLE in late 2010.

Extra Tidbit: To be fair, I loved SHANGHAI NOON.
Source: The Examiner



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