Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams taking The Vow

Wow, THE VOW just might be the perfect storm of epic, tragic, sappy romance movies. Get a load of this.


1 Rachel McAdams, star of Nicholas Sparks’ THE NOTEBOOK

1 Channing Tatum, star of Nicholas Sparks’ DEAR JOHN

2 newlyweds starting a life together in New Mexico

1 car accident that makes the wife not remember the husband, so he must win her heart all over again

2 movie concepts smashed together in the form of 50 FIRST DATES and WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING

1 true story this is actually based on.


I can’t imagine what you could possibly add to make this more likely to force tears out of your girlfriend’s face. A puppy with a terminal illness?

I love McAdams, as nearly every person with a brain and genitals does, but Channing Tatum? The dude can not act, as has been proven time and time again in the various movies that have cast him as some sort of soldier who believes acting is the same thing as reciting words you have almost memorized from a piece of paper. He was the least convincing person in G.I. JOE for crying out loud!

But whatever, the ladies love him, and I suppose our other option was probably Taylor Lautner.

Extra Tidbit: This movie has been in development for so long, Julia Roberts was once attached to play the McAdams role.
Source: THR



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