Chan's Incident

One of my earliest memories of bonding with my father was when he took me to an alley behind a Chinese cinema and bought a bootleg video cassette of Jackie Chan's SNAKE IN THE EAGLE'S SHADOW. Since then I've seen pretty much everything that Chan has made and enjoyed it. Yep, I even enjoy SHANGHAI KNIGHTS.

And so, I expect to enjoy the next project he's signed on to make, THE SHINJUKU INCIDENT. Other than the fact that the film will revolve around Chinese immigrants in Tokyo, in the 1990s, plot details are being kept under wraps. But I'm sure that Chan will play some kind-hearted immigrant, who for some reason, a bunch of Japanese locals/other angry immigrants want to beat the shit out of, since that's pretty much the role he plays in every single movie. Still, the dude's a legend!

Extra Tidbit: Chan can next be seen in THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM, which he stars in with fellow legend, Jet Li!
Source: Dark Horizons



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