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Charlize Theron supports metal up your ass in her first Fast 8 picture


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Filming on F. Gary Gray's FAST 8 is in full swing and while we've known that Charlize Theron would be playing a villainous character, we finally have our first look at her. You may not think so at first glance, but clearly she's living the dangerous life, as evidenced by her low-cut Metallica shirt. Seek and destroy, baby!

Charlize Theron Fast 8

Given that the shirt is a reference to Metallica's first album, I'd put good money down that Charlize Theron has never listened to 'Kill 'Em All'. Then again, I don't know her personally (surprise) so maybe she rocks Hetfield's early stuff every weekend with a bottle of whiskey. I don't know! Either way, Theron played one of cinema's most badass heroines in FURY ROAD, so I'm excited to see what she can do up against the gravelly-voiced Vin Diesel!

FAST 8 is scheduled to hit theaters on April 14, 2017.



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