Chat with Affleck and Jackson

I was as surprised as the next guy when I went to see CHANGING LANES, expecting to see the "same ol, same ol" type wham-bam thriller, when in actuality, the film is certainly filled with its share of tense moments, but it also drives home a solid message and plenty of precise acting performances. If you enjoyed FALLING DOWN for what it was, I'm quite sure that you are going to get a kick out of this film as well. And to launch the premiere of the film on Friday, April 12th, both lead actors from the film will be chatting it up with just about anybody online.

To talk to either BEN AFFLECK or SAMUEL L. JACKSON about their movies, see the schedule below and visit the appropriate sites at the appropriate times (aol.com or msn.com). Oh yeah, we also just put up our very own SAM JACKSON MOVIE TRIVIA, so if that interests ya, there you go. 

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