Check out a mustachioed clone baby version of Danny Trejo in this deleted scene from Machete Kills

Robert Rodriguez's MACHETE KILLS is goofy, stupid, and utterly ridiculous. But, that is what makes it brilliant. The Danny Trejo sequel to a film based on a fake trailer should be the type of movie relegated to the dollar bin of a truck stop gas station, but instead it features an array of stars acting campy for fun. While we may never see anything more featuring the badass Mexican super spy, we will soon be enjoying MACHETE KILLS on Blu-ray.

One special feature on the disc will be this deleted scene featuring Mel Gibson's megalomaniac villain with the Dr. Evil plan to destroy the world. While it was already batshit in the theatrical cut, this scene adds something a little more that I never expected to see: a Machete clone fetus in a test tube with a full head of hair and a mustache. No, I am not kidding. MACHETE KILLS definitely goes above and beyond the insanity of the first movie, but if I had seen this fetus on the big screen, I would have slow clapped my way through the rest of the film. So stupid and so brilliant.

Check out the scene below and get ready for MACHETE KILLS when it hits Blu-ray on January 21st.

Source: YouTube



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