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Check out the latest parody trailer for The Muppets


I was a huge fan of the original "Green With Envy" parody trailer for THE MUPPETS. It took most everyone by surprise who saw it in theaters and was a very Muppet-esque way to reintroduce the characters. The second parody trailer, a HANGOVER spoof, wasn't all that funny and seemed to be beating a dead horse. Now we get a third trailer that once again wants you to believe it's a trailer for another movie - this time GREEN LANTERN.

It's slightly better than the HANGOVER trailer but honestly, enough already (a joke actually made in the trailer). The good news is that the actual trailer, which should be in theaters next weekend with CARS 2, will debut online Monday, June 20th at 11am EST.

So check out the third and final parody trailer for THE MUPPETS and stay tuned for more from the film next week.

Source: JoBlo.com



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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