Check out the opening 5 minutes from Get Him to the Greek!

I gotta admit, I've been a little underwhelmed by pretty much everything I've seen from GET HIM TO THE GREEK. The red-band trailer was awesome, but beyond that, everything's just seemed... bland. But why? It's from the peeps that made FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL, a comedy that was really terrific. Is that the fault of the film or the way it's been marketed?

This new clip - the opening and uncut 5 minutes of the film - is great. What's that tell you, when the best showcases of a film are to simply show whole uncut chunks of it, whether it be in a clip like the one below or in the form of a red-band trailer? Marketing firms, sometimes I could just punch you in the face!

Apologies for my ranting. Go on and check out the clip below and let us know what you think! GET HIM TO THE GREEK opens everywhere tomorrow.

Extra Tidbit: I wanna smash Rose Byrne.
Source: Funny or Die



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