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Check out the special edition 3D glasses being released along with The Hobbit


The Hobbit dark red 656 banner

Do you know what I was just wishing for the other day?

A piece of special edition plastic swag that would actually help to detract from my viewing experience of THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY this winter. But the Wish Fairy must have been listening to my secret hopes and desires, because it has been announced that just such an item will soon exist!

Oh boy oh boy oh my! Oh golly gee wilikers! Oh holy hot plastic, Batman! However will I be able to contain my excitement when December 14th rolls around?!

Thankfully the Wish Fairy also made it so that there will be 2D viewings that I can attend instead.  She's a real swell gal, that Wish Fairy.

The Hobbit 3D glasses

Extra Tidbit: No hobbit-like directors were harmed in the writing of this article.
Source: HobbitFilm.it



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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