Check out the teaser poster for season five of The Walking Dead

How did you guys like the season finale of THE WALKING DEAD? Many of my friends were pleased with how everything ended. The whole season was pretty solid for me. There were a couple of episodes that dragged, but that’s any series really.

I don’t want to get too deep into it though because I know some of you may not have had the chance to check it out. I like to be fair when it comes to spoilers of shows that I know matter to the schmoes around here. All I can say, or all I want to say is, don’t screw with Rick Grimes. Before the episode aired, I had this whole theory that it might go in a different, much darker place but that didn’t pan out for me.

So what do you think is coming in season five? Unfortunately, I don’t have any clues for you, but I do have a teaser poster. The spotlight is on Rick with one word: Survive.

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