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Check out these six awesome new Django Unchained photos


With the rumors of a teaser trailer in front of PROMETHEUS and hugely positive buzz out of the Cannes Film Festival, DJANGO UNCHAINED is beginning to build up momentum. Granted all of us Tarantino buffs have been drooling since the film was first announced, but now that more and more is being released about it, the more excited we can all be.

These photos give us our first look at Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio inteacting as well as a shot of Foxx and Christoph Waltz on horseback travelling through snow. I get a feeling of scope when I see this photos. Somehow, DJANGO UNCHAINED feels "bigger" than Tarantino's previous movies.

Check out the photos below and judge for yourself.

Whether that rumored teaser is attached to PROMETHEUS or not, we will surely see it sometime soon. Aside from that, we will all just have to wait until DJANGO UNCHAINED opens everywhere this Christmas.

Source: Indie Wire



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