Check out these awesome new Wolfman posters!

THE WOLFMAN has had its share of, um, issues but honestly?, Universal has done a bang-up job on this marketing campaign. They took their two trailers right up against the AVATAR trailer premieres and held their own. The TV spots (while perhaps a tad repetitious) are a suspenseful delight. Instead of distancing themselves with the classic WOLF MAN movie, they've embraced it, launching the Universal Monster Legacy and hiring classic artist Basis Gogos to paint a new poster inspired by the film.

Today we get a look at the next step: two officially licensed posters by Mondo Tees. Sony Pictures Classics recently did an official DR. PARNASSUS poster through Mondo and now Universal has two new designs for WOLFMAN. So smart. More studios should be doing this. They're up for preview on Ain't It Cool right now and if you wait until tomorrow, they'll be available to hang on your wall courtesy of Mondo. Check each of them out below!

Extra Tidbit: Isn't this just leaps and bounds above floating heads?
Source: AICNMondo Tees



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