Check out this Jaws manga from 1975!

We all know about the movie novelization tie-ins that are released here in the US - I had a few when I was a kid but mostly they don't find much of an audience. But if our novelizations were like this, then we might be on to something. A blogger tracked down the original 1975 manga based on JAWS and it's a pretty awesome piece of movie memorabilia.

As he notes, it's technically not a "manga" but a "gekiga" (think the difference between a comic book and a graphic novel), but whatever it is, it's a lot bloodier than Steven Spielberg's version. The gekiga is listed as "very rare" by number of movie collectors so the chance to read it online is a real treat. Obviously if you don't speak Japanese you're probably not reading much here but that doesn't mean you still can't enjoy it.

Head over here to check it out for yourself and thanks to Total Film for the heads up.

Extra Tidbit: Marvel Comics released a tie-in of JAWS 2 in the late-70s.
Source: Patrick Macias



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