Cheese and fries! Mandate options Diablo Cody's Young Adult script

Another Diablo Cody movie you say? And here I was all pumped about SWEET VALLEY HIGH already.

Cody’s next project is far from sweet and light however. Her script for YOUNG ADULT was just optioned by Mandate Pictures, and it’s supposed to be on the grittier side, according to Cody herself.

“It has elements of humor, but it’s pretty serious and f*cked up. You don’t get to see women be antiheroes that often, where it’s like somebody like Mickey Rourke, who gets a comeback in The Wrestler. It’s rarer that you’ll have a studio say, “Let’s have an actress come back and be ugly!”

Clearly, she hasn’t seen MONSTER, but yeah, this doesn’t happen very often to be sure. The film follows a divorced thirty year old, young adult fiction writer who returns to her hometown chase and ex-boyfriend who now has a kid.

Now, I’m not sure if “chase” means “hunt down and kill” but the “f*cked up” part has to work its way in there somewhere. There’s no director yet, but expect an announcement on that soon as Mandate is fast tracking the project.

Extra Tidbit: I honestly didn’t half mind JENNIFER’S BODY.
Source: Slashfilm



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