Chinatown 3?

Apparently Jack Nicholson is ready to bring us down. He's gonna bring us down to CHINATOWN. Again. The legendary actor told MTV in an interview that he "certainly would consider" starring as Jake Gittes in another CHINATOWN movie. He told them that he and Robert Towne had plans for a trilogy but only THE TWO JAKES got off the ground. He revealed the third film was titled GITTES VS. GITTES (Um, Jack? Terrible title bro...) and would've been about Gittes' divorce. Says Nicholson, "It was meant to be set in 1968 when no-fault divorce went into effect in California...The secrecy of Meg Tilly’s character was somehow to involve the most private person in California, Howard Hughes." Ahh. Nicholson goes on to explain that the CHINATOWN films were set to be elemental with the first obviously about water and the second about fire. The third, with Howard Hughes, would have been about air. Why not just skip the CHINATOWN movies and make CAPTAIN PLANET? In any event, Jack's "certainly would consider" isn't exactly a ringing endorsement for the movie happening anytime soon but it's at least something to think about what could have been. Click here to head to MTV to read all about it. Nicholson stars in THE BUCKET LIST, which hits theaters in late December.

Extra Tidbit: Tom Cruise was originally slated to voice Captain Planet in the cartoons.
Source: MTV



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