Chipmunks 2. What?

God, I'm glad that I'm not a Dad yet. As such, this story goes out with much love to my good friend Mike Sampson.

I had no idea, but apparently, as I write this, ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS could well be surpassing the $200 million mark, making it the most successful 'animal/live action cartoon adaptation ever'. EVER. Isn't that amazing?! And since Hollywood is the mother of predictability, there are of course, talks of a sequel. And not just a sequel, but the three chipmunk broads, Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor too, who we first saw back in the 80s: “There has been a lot of talk about it... A lot of people have been asking about the little girls.” Janice Karman, a producer on the film said. After that, things go off in a weird direction, since in a totally true story, Matthew Gray Gubler (voice actor for Simon) said that “I want to see them naked…I’d pay to see that.” And then Justin Long (who plays Alvin) chimed in with “I would very much like to see that... They’re hot. What are you going to do?” And that's where we'll leave this story.
Extra Tidbit: God, Jason Lee and David Cross got ripped for this one, but sadly, who is laughing now?
Source: MTV



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