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While the news of an actual NIGHT OF THE CREEPS DVD finally coming first filled me with nostalgic delight, I'm far less thrilled with what's being considered for the cover image.

Amazon has the upcoming disc available for pre-order, and is allowing prospective buyers the chance to vote on the final cover art. Sadly, the options are less than inspired -- that vaguely retro image with the Robert Patrick looking zombie is pretty much the best of the lot. As a point of comparison, the superior original one-sheets are below. Very sad.

You can check out the other alternatives RIGHT HERE.

Director Fred Dekker's classic 1986 flick involves alien brain worms who kill and re-animate their hosts, which then attack a local college campus. Only a hot babe, one of the Rusty Griswolds and the great Tom Atkins can stop the invasion.

Extra Tidbit: At least Dekker's MONSTER SQUAD got a decent DVD cover...
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