Chow has Balls

Yep, when ever someone joins the cast of next year's DRAGONBALL movie, they're going to 'have balls' on the JoBlo.com headline, since the writers over here, as a group, are simply not creative enough to come up with anything wittier. If you could decipher that cryptic opening sentence, then you've guessed it, in one of the strangest career moves ever, Chow Yun Fat (THE KILLER god damn it!) has joined the film, as Master Roshi. Now, it's not strange that he's joining this film, it's strange because he not too long ago walked out of another. His agent must have been like, well, how'd you like to headline RED CLIFF, the most expensive Asian-financed film of all time, and work along side Tony Leung? Chow: Nah. Well then how about playing some old guy in DRAGONBALL, which is directed by the FINAL DESTINATION dude and co-stars the 'hot one' from The Real World: San Diego? Chow: Sign me the f*ck up! I just don't understand how you get from A to B there. Anyway, as reported earlier, the film stars Justin Chatwin and James Marsters in a story about a kid called Goku, who must find the Dragonballs before the villainous Piccolo does. Emmy Rossum is also involved, the only reason that I can muster for this being that for some reason, Chow Yun Fat is her agent.
Extra Tidbit: The definition of the term 'glimmer of hope': Stephen Chow produces.



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